“Sonic” is a non-profit 10-20 minute short fan film based on the “Sonic the Hedgehog” video game franchise that will be available free to download and watch. This short film will implement various elements of the Sonic mythology ranging from the cartoons, comics, and, most importantly, the video games. The film will be a live action piece mainly focusing on the first 3 SEGA Genesis games of the series; in terms of tone, action, and plot. The film will be shot over the course of Fall/Winter 2010 with selective days in early 2011. The shoot will be a 6 day venture at various locations in various conditions. The 5 day shoot will also include special effects photography and aerial filming. There is no formal release date but we hope to have the final product premiere at the 2011 ScrewAttack Gaming Convention and to go online shortly after; however this is not a promise or a guarantee. The film’s release will be announced upon completion of the film.

The character of “Sonic the Hedgehog” will be a complete CGI character and the film will be a hybrid of both live action and completely computer generated environments and action sequences. Various familiar enemies from the franchise will be featured and the CGI Sonic has been designed to be as faithful to his original design as possible while adding subtle touches to make the character more detailed.

The film could easily go in a series of directions; to being as dark and realistic as “The Dark Knight” or as lighthearted and colorful as “Speed Racer”. Neither is our intention. We want to go in the direction of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, “Die Hard”, or any Spielberg/Abrams action picture film. The goal is to have a fast paced, action adventure film that takes itself seriously yet is willing to have fun without being cheesy or corny. We want this fan film to capture a fun and excitement that the original Genesis series made us feel and still make us free. There’s no denying that those games still hold up to this very day.

Our goal is to make a live action Sonic film that can work while being extremely entertaining and enjoyable to all fans. We want to share our take and vision of Sonic’s world with other fans. As huge Sonic fans, we want to make a film that is faithful to the character of Sonic while creating a story that fits with who he is and what is goals are. The film is being made as a short that could lead into a series of shorts of even a feature film but as of now, we just want to make one amazing short film that does justice to Sonic the Hedgehog,

Jaleel White as the Voice of “Sonic”
As of early October, we have officially signed Jaleel White to voice to do the voice of the titular character, “Sonic the Hedgehog”. Jaleel White first entered the public eye as Steve Urkel in the TV sitcom. “Family Matters” and since then, he has been in various feature films and has also entered voice acting. One of his most popular voice acting roles was as Sonic the Hedgehog in various cartoon adaptations. He is widely known by fans as THE voice of Sonic; as we do. Thus, we want JaleelŐs involvement on this.

We firmly believe that to make the project more legit and truth to our fandom, his involvement is key. We are extremely happy to have him involved and thank him and his representatives for being supportive and helpful.

About the Director:
Eddie Lebron started film directing as a full blown career in 2006 after nearly 10 years of making various home movies ranging from all genres. His first feature; “Ghostbusters: Generation”, was a fan film rendition of what “Ghostbusters 3” could be. The film has remained unreleased but from the experience, Eddie developed his skill and craft in all areas of film making. After enrolling into The School of Visual Arts, Eddie took on larger endeavors in an effort to get more experience. He currently works throughout the east coast film industry; primarily in New York City as a cinematographer and camera/editorial technician. He is mostly known for his feature length “MegaMan” fan film which has received over 430,000 views as of October 2010 (since it’s May 7th release). Aside from fan films, many of Eddie’s original films have seen success on the festival circuit and have received critical acclaim ranging from fellow film makers to industry professional. “Sonic” marks his last fan film and one of many dream fan films he has had since youth. Eddie Lebron is an avid retro gamer who enjoys gaming on his down time; especially classics. Coincidentally, Sonic 3 and Knuckles has been his favorite video game since 1995 (although he is also a hardcore MegaMan fan).

Eddie is current one of three partners of the production company “SollarSystems Studios”, along with his producers David and Daniel Horowitz.

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